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Having been born and raised in Chile, a country were its people are one of the highest bread consumer per capita in Latin America, and being blessed with abundant fresh fruits and vegetables, I grew up smelling and tasting delicious sandwiches that my mother made for us in her own homemade bread. Even a simple Cheese /tomato/olive oil and salt was a delicatessen in her bread.

When I moved to Iowa, USA in 1977, I had a food cultural shock. Everything was so synthetic, no smell no taste. The vegetable concept came from inside a can. There, in Iowa, I had my first hamburger. Who knows what was inside the meat patty, but sure did not taste like real beef.

Things improved when I moved to San Diego California, fresher vegetable were available. There I was introduced to home made Mexican food from my friends cross the border in Tijuana Mexico.

As people worldwide are getting more conscientious about what they eat, in USA , little by little in the the last 10 years, fast food has been changing. Business like IN-N-OUT burger and Chiplote Mexican Grill are leading the changes with fresh ingredients .

Coming to Estonia was my second food cultural sock. Where to go when feeling hungry for a good fresh made sandwich??? and without having to get a bank loan to pay for it?? None.

So I started to make my own at home, and as friends really like them when I prepared for gatherings and birthdays, by the end of 2013, my wife and I, got encouraged to start Bueno Gourmet, providing a short but well chosen list of South and North American specialty sandwiches.

Our motivation is to provide a tasty, fresh made, no preservatives, 100% real meat product at an affordable price.

Why a mobil-Shop to start the business?

Having a financial background and having own a couple business, I know that fixed cost can kill you. So you either have to sacrifice quality or sacrifice price to pay for it. I do not wish to do that. In addition, the food truck concept is new to Estonians, specially ''gourmet'' foods. We want to be a pioneer in the field.

Our goal it is to add a permanent place, but in the right time, when the volume reach good levels and no sacrifice is needed.

As they say in Chile, ''provecho'' or enjoy.

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